[LMB] Soda Fountains and "Egg Creams"

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>Gwynne: The first time I read about soda fountains I had an image of a real
>fountain, with people holding cups under it to fill them. But why anyone
>would want to drink soda water was beyond me. Somewhere along the way
>I figured out that for some reason you call lemonade 'soda'. Weird. I'm
>assuming the 'soda fountain' was actually more of a tap, you pull down on
>the handle as if you're pulling a beer. No idea where 'fountain' came from.
>Again, weird!

Yes; here is a picture of a soda fountain: 
Note that he appears to be holding an "egg cream", and the way that I 
learned to make one, it cannot be done without a soda fountain. With a 
proper soda fountain, if you pull the handle forward you get a cascade 
of carbonated water, but if you push the handle back you get a 
high-speed jet of carbonated water. This is essential to an "egg cream". 
You start with a large Coke glass, add some Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup 
and then some milk. You insert a fountain spoon and then mix the syrup 
and milk with the jet along the back of the spoon. Finally, you add the 
froth with the cascade of low powered carbonated water. Result, a New 
York Egg Cream.

And in the U.S. lemonade is just that - lemon juice, plain water, and 


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