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>> Gwynne: The first time I read about soda fountains I had an image of a 
>> real
>> fountain, with people holding cups under it to fill them. But why anyone
>> would want to drink soda water was beyond me. Somewhere along the way
>> I figured out that for some reason you call lemonade 'soda'. Weird. I'm
>> assuming the 'soda fountain' was actually more of a tap, you pull down on
>> the handle as if you're pulling a beer. No idea where 'fountain' came 
>> from.
>> Again, weird!
> Yes; here is a picture of a soda fountain: 
> http://loc.gov/pictures/resource/cph.3c13825/
> Note that he appears to be holding an "egg cream", and the way that I 
> learned to make one, it cannot be done without a soda fountain. With a 
> proper soda fountain, if you pull the handle forward you get a cascade 
> of carbonated water, but if you push the handle back you get a 
> high-speed jet of carbonated water. This is essential to an "egg cream". 
> You start with a large Coke glass, add some Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup 
> and then some milk. You insert a fountain spoon and then mix the syrup 
> and milk with the jet along the back of the spoon. Finally, you add the 
> froth with the cascade of low powered carbonated water. Result, a New 
> York Egg Cream.
> And in the U.S. lemonade is just that - lemon juice, plain water, and 
> sugar.

whereas if you order a "Soda Zitron" in a Austrian restaurant you get 
soda water with a little bit of freshly pressed lemon juice - no sugar



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