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Mon Oct 14 00:58:59 BST 2019

>Richard Molpus  suggested:

>> Lenin, Stalin, Mao (and others of that political clan) ignored the 
>>Law to create their terror 

Gwynne: >The truly terrifying, and sad, thing is that none of these 
>people saw themselves as evil. 

Oh, I think maybe Lenin did.  

As I read the histories and biographies, Lenin basically extended
a Marxist view of exploitation and immiserization to suppose that all
interactions between and among human beings were evil.  So, for
himself, the goal was to be the MOST evil, the MOST exploitive, the
GREATEST source of misery. From such a position then all obedient
or cooperative reactions to his orders or implicit preferences 
would be an improvement. 

Orwell's 1084 intended to echo this sentiment. "The Party seeks 
power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in 
the good of others;  we are interested solely in power. Not 
wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: 
only power, pure power."

Do we have a consensus that Barrayar's Emperor Ezar was, in the
year just prior to his death, essentially captive to his own
"Ministry of Political Education"?  That is wasn't simply that
Serg and Ges and the sadists were allowed to be evil -- that "evil"
had become a critical part of the system?  Aral says "the
Ministries are corrupt and the [Council of ] Counts are 
eviscerated"  while the Emperor was old and weak and seemingly
pressured into a war he [like Aral] didn't really want.  Ezar
used the war to assassinate Serg and spur revolt against 
the worst most abusive and evil ministry...  Do we suppose the
M of P.E.  saw itself as virtuous or doing a necessary duty?

Perhaps the saving, [is this the right word?] grace of the
corrupt and evil ministry of bureaucrats is that weren't and
couldn't be AUTOcrats.  Different factions competing for 
power and influence one against another -- and thereby 
allowing the old forms of Vor and Emperor and local Counts'
authorities to exist, if only in memory. 

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