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Mon Oct 14 01:34:34 BST 2019

On 10/7/2019 6:57 PM, Jason Long wrote:
> As a occasional genealogist myself, I have to laugh anytime I see a
> genealogy that tries to go past the Merovingians of France as there's zero
> evidence for their ancestry and even the existence of the earliest
> Merovingians is on shaky ground historically.
My grandmother and great aunti managed to claw our way back to the late 
1100s - there were 3 lesser nobility families that swapped kids around 
for treaty purposes, the various wars and such made it pretty much 
impossible to go any further back - they were told they might have to go 
in person to tromp around ruined churches and check with Rome to see if 
any paperwork had been filed with the Holy See over something or 
another. Love the corner of Netherland, Alsace and Belgium. Ultimately 
we are more or less related to any family of any upper birth status in 
that corner of the area. The British Isles thread of the family goes 
back to the mid 1300s. Mom's side being peasants are pretty anonymous 
previous to their ending up in the Colonies, as anabaptists the 
catholics hated them and we would have to go through a whole bunch of 
trial records to find anything out, probably but the Amish are 
particularly uninterested in geneology as we practice it .

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