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I've seen the claim that if you have any Western European ancestry, you've
got a descent on one side of the bed or the other from Charlemagne. I dunno
about anyone else, but it's like that for me.

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> On 10/7/2019 6:57 PM, Jason Long wrote:
> > As a occasional genealogist myself, I have to laugh anytime I see a
> > genealogy that tries to go past the Merovingians of France as there's
> zero
> > evidence for their ancestry and even the existence of the earliest
> > Merovingians is on shaky ground historically.
> >
> >
> My grandmother and great aunti managed to claw our way back to the late
> 1100s - there were 3 lesser nobility families that swapped kids around
> for treaty purposes, the various wars and such made it pretty much
> impossible to go any further back - they were told they might have to go
> in person to tromp around ruined churches and check with Rome to see if
> any paperwork had been filed with the Holy See over something or
> another. Love the corner of Netherland, Alsace and Belgium. Ultimately
> we are more or less related to any family of any upper birth status in
> that corner of the area. The British Isles thread of the family goes
> back to the mid 1300s. Mom's side being peasants are pretty anonymous
> previous to their ending up in the Colonies, as anabaptists the
> catholics hated them and we would have to go through a whole bunch of
> trial records to find anything out, probably but the Amish are
> particularly uninterested in geneology as we practice it .
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