[LMB] OT: Odd Memories

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 05:37:36 BST 2019

A sort of Vorkosigan moment, or a Dendarii moment perhaps ...

Way back in the mists of time, during the Cold War, Rob was stationed on 
the USS Spadefish, may she rest in razorblades. They did a Northern Run, 
stopping in Bremmerhaven Germany - one of Robs favorite port calls. 
Unlike many ports where the requirement was to go around in pairs or 
groups, you could wander around solo.

One guy had been wandering and got lost, so he decided to go into the 
nearest open building and use the phone to call a cab to get back to the 
piers. He went into a brightly lit sort of bland building that had 
people going in and out, so he figured he would have no problem finding 
a phone.

So he enters, and goes up to the guy sitting at some sort of reception 
desk, and asked him if he spoke english. The gent did, so he asked him 
if he could call a cab for him as he was lost. The gentleman obliged him 
and made the call, and asked him where he needed the cab to go. Our poor 
sailor told him 'The American Pier' and the info was related to the cab 
company. While they waited for the cab to show up, the guy at the desk 
tentatively asked if he was American, and when our feckless adventurer 
told him he was, the confused guy at the desk sort of became quite quiet 
and looked perturbed. Our sailor finally left to get to his cab. The 
driver proceeded to the pier ... he asked the sailor if he was American, 
and when he was informed that yes indeed our fearless explorer was a 
sailor from the submarine currently at dock ... the cabbie asked him if 
he realized he had just come out of the Soviet Embassy ...

He thought it was a bingo hall.

A ream of paperwork later, the crew was informed that they could no 
longer leave the area immediately surrounding the piers ...

Well, at least he didn't hold a liquor store owner hostage and set it on 
fire ...

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