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I'd have thought the embassy would be in Bonn or Berlin.  Do you mean the

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> A sort of Vorkosigan moment, or a Dendarii moment perhaps ...
> Way back in the mists of time, during the Cold War, Rob was stationed on
> the USS Spadefish, may she rest in razorblades. They did a Northern Run,
> stopping in Bremmerhaven Germany - one of Robs favorite port calls.
> Unlike many ports where the requirement was to go around in pairs or
> groups, you could wander around solo.
> One guy had been wandering and got lost, so he decided to go into the
> nearest open building and use the phone to call a cab to get back to the
> piers. He went into a brightly lit sort of bland building that had
> people going in and out, so he figured he would have no problem finding
> a phone.
> So he enters, and goes up to the guy sitting at some sort of reception
> desk, and asked him if he spoke english. The gent did, so he asked him
> if he could call a cab for him as he was lost. The gentleman obliged him
> and made the call, and asked him where he needed the cab to go. Our poor
> sailor told him 'The American Pier' and the info was related to the cab
> company. While they waited for the cab to show up, the guy at the desk
> tentatively asked if he was American, and when our feckless adventurer
> told him he was, the confused guy at the desk sort of became quite quiet
> and looked perturbed. Our sailor finally left to get to his cab. The
> driver proceeded to the pier ... he asked the sailor if he was American,
> and when he was informed that yes indeed our fearless explorer was a
> sailor from the submarine currently at dock ... the cabbie asked him if
> he realized he had just come out of the Soviet Embassy ...
> He thought it was a bingo hall.
> A ream of paperwork later, the crew was informed that they could no
> longer leave the area immediately surrounding the piers ...
> Well, at least he didn't hold a liquor store owner hostage and set it on
> fire ...
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