[LMB] We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

Beatrice Otter beatrice_otter at zoho.com
Mon Oct 14 08:34:28 BST 2019

---- On Thu, 10 Oct 2019 20:50:38 -0700 Damien Sullivan <mailto:phoenix at mindstalk.net> wrote ----
But many ADD/ADHD sufferers do try to make it go away with the right
drugs.  A friend of mine has been academically crippled by her
condition; she was happy to find that Adderall helped only to then learn
it's illegal in Japan.  And yes, drugs change her personality -- in
ways she wants.

Beatrice Otter:
I firmly believe such treatments should be available.  When used properly, they can do immense good.  But there's a difference between regulating/controlling something, and eliminating it completely.  And I think that *the people who have that condition* should be the ones making the decisions, both for their own personal medical treatment and for whether or not that condition should be eliminated from the gene pool, if and when such becomes possible.

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