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What my mother would have chosen would have been "Whizzer White, the
sequel."   Even though I got perfectly good grades, and was never in danger
of flunking out of school, from the moment she found out about my IQ she
had a mania for pushing me through school faster than the system was set up
for.  I'm still bitter about a lot of the things she did.  Her meddling
with my education is one of the reasons I've been trapped in this goddamned
dead-end small town for my whole life, will never be able to marry or have
kids of my own, and am pretty thoroughly embittered with life.  (I'm not
saying that was the only reason that this has happened, but it was a major
factor IMO.)

Also thanks to her, my instant reaction to someone piping up with "I have
an idea!" is "Oh JESUS, SPARE ME!"  And that's only because I'm not allowed
to tell them, with the tip of my sword tickling the underside of their
chin, that while I will listen to their idea, if it goes pear-shaped, I
will accept NO responsibility, and if I say "No!" that means "NO!"

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> > On Oct 14, 2019, at 10:04 AM, Tony Zbaraschuk <tonyz at eskimo.com> wrote:
> >
> > The British monarchy can trace its ancestry back to Woden (according to
> > the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle).  I'd probably have to look at Geoffrey of
> > Monmouth to see if there was a claimed descent from Adam and Eve, but I
> > wouldn't be surprised to find such a geneaology somewhere.  Testing its
> > accuracy, now that's another story ;)
> >
> > Tony Z
> The Emperor of Japan traces his ancestry back to the Great Sun God who is
> in that system the source and origin of everything.
> Some Western Barbarians dispute the genealogy, of course as do Koreans and
> Chinese.
>> A unix salesperson, Lenore
> Loved her job, but loved the beach more.
> She devised such a way
> to combine work and play:
> She sells C-shells by the seashore.
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