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Just because we don't know yet what causes real ADHD does not make it not
real.  We didn't know what caused scurvy for a LONG time, but that didn't
make it not happen.

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> >
> > The definition of obese has changed in concert with the method of
> measuring
> > it. It is always a PitA to accurately measure body-fat percentage
> (usually
> > involves dunking tests or electrical resistance) and the medical industry
> > decided to switch to body-mass index which is a simple calculation using
> > only height and weight to define obesity. Said calculation ignores body
> > types (mesomorph, ectomorph, etc.) and activities like weight lifting
> which
> > create a lot of dense muscle mass. So a guy with 4% body fat is judged as
> > obese as a couch potato who is genuinely obese with 32% body fat simply
> > because they’re the same height and weight.
> Wurst, TOFIs (Thin Ouside, Thin Inside) may think they are fine when they
> are
> in fact in trouble.
>> Sig intentionally left blank.
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