[LMB] OT: A timely image....

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 15:44:56 BST 2019

I was channel-surfing a few moments ago, and hit one of those r/l shows.
This one is one of the good ones, about actual REAL life; it follows
ambulance drivers. I don't watch it all that much, the patients are often so
sad, in miserable situations. But the ambos are amazing people.

And there they were, dealing with a dear little 3-year-old. She'd been
diagnosed with epilepsy, having 10 - 30 petit-mals a day. But she'd just
had a 30-minute grand mal. Her parents were so worried about the
long-term damage the seizures will cause.

There she is, such a dear little thing and just think of the life ahead of her.

If her parents could have cleaned that out of her DNA before she was born,
they'd have done it in a heartbeat.

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