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I think I've seen it in Mark Twain.

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> Oh, and I have a WGW language question. Several times the expression is
> used "to beat something all hollow." (Meaning to be far superior.) The only
> other place I've come across this phrase is in the Laura Ingalls Wilder
> Little House series, so I think of it as archaic and associated with 19th
> century America. What are other people's associations for it?
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> Excuse me for replying to my own post, but I have an update.
> It turns out Herself uses the phrase 'all hollow' in one of Her other
> universes as well:
> Bergon was cast as the hero of this romantic adventure, with Iselle no less
> as heroine for her night ride from Valenda. As appealing unifying myths
> went, this one was going to beat dy Jironal’s feeble fable of Poor Mad
> Iselle all hollow, Cazaril rather thought.
> So much for my theory that she was trying to evoke the 19th century US.
> I would still be curious to know if other listies use that phrase in their
> daily lexicon, or what associations they have with it.
> Gretchen
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