[LMB] We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

Brian Ross Ashley brashley46 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 05:55:55 BST 2019

On 10/16/19 8:20 PM, Micki Haller Yamada wrote:

> On Monday, October 14, 2019, 09:06:36 AM GMT+9, Howard Brazee?
> I know a left-handed guitar player who strings his guitar 
> ?backwards?.? This doesn?t make sense to me as guitar players need to 
> be facile with both hands, like piano players.
> Micki: There was a guitarist named Elizabeth Cotten (I think --?
> "Freight Train" composer, anyway) who played upside down and?
> left-handed. I believe she was self-taught. Strumming and picking?
> with the dominant hand is a bit different than holding down chords?
> and notes with the non-dominant hand. (I play ukulele.) I bet?
> different brain parts get trained, too.?

Yes! Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten taught herself to play guitar on a cheap 
instrument she brought from her savings as a domestic. She did write, 
among other songs, "Freight Train" ... and later on had to sue for the 
royalties because a British folk band tried to copyright it.

After marriage and motherhood she gave up the guitar for 25 years. After 
various vicissitudes she was hired by a Washington family as a 
housemaid, after helping the little girl of the family find her mother 
in a department store.

The little girl was Peggy Seeger. Working in the Seeger household 
prompted her to take up her music again ...

Nota bene, I don't play guitar; I play mountain dulcimer. Different 
technique altogether. Some lefty dulcimer players do string their 
instruments upside down and strum or pick with their dominant hand, but 
the bridge and the nut have to be modified as well. I have no idea 
whether that would be true for lefty guitarists.

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