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> Just because we don't know yet what causes real ADHD does not make it not
> real.  We didn't know what caused scurvy for a LONG time, but that didn't
> make it not happen.

You're missing the point, Eric Oppen.  We had a very clear definition of
what 'scurvy' meant.  There's no real uncertainty or ambiguity as to
whether a given person has developed scurvy.  The symptoms are
unmistakeable, they appear in a relatively orderly progression, and they
resolve quickly.  We didn't need to know what caused it, any more than we
needed to know what caused sunburn.

That is not at all true about ADHD.  There are no unambiguous, objective
criteria.  We have a label, that may or may not be useful, but we cannot
determine whether that label reflects any distinction in reality.  Our
treatments do not act qualitatively differently in people we diagnose as
with as those we diagnose as without.  Are we merely marking off an extreme
of the trait distribution and giving it a clinical name, or is there a
physiological dysfunction?  We don't know.

Until we know, we have a category we've created.  The fact that we see
people who fit that category as medically suitable for treatment
demonstrates nothing beyond that fact - insisting that a person need feel
no shame, guilt, or uneasiness about themselves or how they're dealing with
things, MERELY BECAUSE A DIAGNOSIS EXISTS, is logically and ethically

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> wrote:
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> > > The definition of obese has changed in concert with the method of
> > measuring
> > > it. It is always a PitA to accurately measure body-fat percentage
> > (usually
> > > involves dunking tests or electrical resistance) and the medical
> industry
> > > decided to switch to body-mass index which is a simple calculation
> using
> > > only height and weight to define obesity. Said calculation ignores body
> > > types (mesomorph, ectomorph, etc.) and activities like weight lifting
> > which
> > > create a lot of dense muscle mass. So a guy with 4% body fat is judged
> as
> > > obese as a couch potato who is genuinely obese with 32% body fat simply
> > > because they’re the same height and weight.
> >
> > Wurst, TOFIs (Thin Ouside, Thin Inside) may think they are fine when they
> > are
> > in fact in trouble.
> >
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