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> From: Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net>
> I know a left-handed guitar player who strings his guitar ?backwards?.
>  This doesn?t make sense to me as guitar players need to be facile with
> both hands, like piano players.
> Gwynne: [much snipped]
> Paul McCartney plays the guitar left-handed. He did rather well.

And more than one bio of Sir Paul that I have read notes that he learned to
play on a guiitar made for right-handers but "upside down", since
apparently no one in Liverpool, that he knew of, had or had even heard of
such a thing as a left-handed guitar! And for much of his career, ias a
Beatle, he played bass which only has four strings.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in rock history, Jimi Hendrix was also left handed. He
did OK too.
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