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My father said he never got hung over.  He'd look like the proceeds of a
grave robbery after he was on one of his benders, but he apparently didn't
get hung over and AFAICR never vomited.  I will admit I would like to know
how that worked, but I am of the opinion that rather than "alcoholism,"
singular, we should speak of "alcoholisms," plural---IOW, different things
that have the same symptom of abusive or excessive use of alcohol.

On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 10:37 PM Aruvqan <aruvqan at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/17/2019 8:47 AM, Pat Mathews wrote:
> > Sounds reasonable. Though I've heard a sweet tooth sometimes goes along
> with the tendency to become alcoholic. Coffee instead of sweets?
> Good question, I have not got a sweet tooth [but you better lock up your
> salt and vinegar tater chips!] and I am notorious for being
> nonaddictive, I cold turkeyed morphine after 7 weeks, and regularly
> thanks to the freaking State of COnnecticut do a month of opioid, then 2
> months without because they refuse to give me mine for more than a 30
> day supply, yet my insurance company wants the scrip written for 9- and
> will not pay for me to visit my primary every 30 days and he has got to
> electronically transmit my scrips or the insurance company will not pay
> [and the military does not have my specific one and dose in their system
> so tehy will not provide it walk in and i refuse to pay for them to mail
> order it, i posit that i should not have a copay because they can not
> provide it to me walk in when they can source it mail order. we are at
> an impasse *sigh*]
> I also do not get hang overs, go figure. I always had a heck of an
> ability to outdrink guys twice my weight, I regularly outdrank the guys
> on my ex's Seal team one of whom was about 6'6 and weighed something
> like 280 pounds. [I was 5'7 and weighed 135] and even today with not
> drinking most of the time I can manage a fair amount of alcohol without
> issue - I absentmindedly was drinking without noticing that I was
> getting refilled and did about 6 shots of apple schnaps in 2 hours, I
> was grabbing Robs. <shrug> I think my greatest amount was 15 margaritas
> in about 4 hours, and occasionally was known to do percocet with a shot
> back without really showing. I still can tank a lot without showing.
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