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Well, there are different patterns (my father would go along months stone
sober, then go on a memorable bender, while my mother never, to my
knowledge, ended the day without sitting up getting blitzed or into that
neighborhood on cheap beer and feeling sorry for herself, and I've seen
others) and different causes.  The lady across the street's mother was a
moderate drinker till her husband died, and then she became an
out-of-control alcoholic.  Other people seem to metabolize alcohol
differently than the norm.

If I were younger and out to make a name for myself in the sciences, I
might do a study on alcoholism starting with throwing EVERYTHING we THINK
we know about it overboard, junking value judgements about "willpower" and
starting like it was something totally new under the sun, and see what I

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> it is pretty clear that there is a spectrum on how people metabolize
> alcohol(s) and how their nervous systems reacts to it ..
> afaik there is also some indication that some of this is based on generel
> genetics. it seems that people with a mostly east asian genome have a
> different reaction to alcohol than people with a western europeran one -
> and i dont think this is mostly driven by cultural differences ..
> this would indicate to me that a a sectrum of alcoholismsis probable ..
> servus
> markus
> > Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> hat am 18. Oktober 2019 um 05:47
> geschrieben:
> >
> >
> > My father said he never got hung over.  He'd look like the proceeds of a
> > grave robbery after he was on one of his benders, but he apparently
> didn't
> > get hung over and AFAICR never vomited.  I will admit I would like to
> know
> > how that worked, but I am of the opinion that rather than "alcoholism,"
> > singular, we should speak of "alcoholisms," plural---IOW, different
> things
> > that have the same symptom of abusive or excessive use of alcohol.
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