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Sat Oct 19 06:07:57 BST 2019

On 10/17/2019 11:47 PM, Eric Oppen wrote:
> My father said he never got hung over.  He'd look like the proceeds of a
> grave robbery after he was on one of his benders, but he apparently didn't
> get hung over and AFAICR never vomited.  I will admit I would like to know
> how that worked, but I am of the opinion that rather than "alcoholism,"
> singular, we should speak of "alcoholisms," plural---IOW, different things
> that have the same symptom of abusive or excessive use of alcohol.
Plural indeed - I know that some people use it to self medicate, for 
forgetfulness, and some just for funsies. I do get 'hangovers' from 
sugar, but as a diabetic I don't process them properly - though why they 
should cause almost migraine quality headaches, no clue [I simply avoid 
overdosing on sugars and carbs in general though I do occasionally binge 
if there is cake]

People process 'toxins' differently, from what I understand about carb 
into glucose breakdown for example is interesting - the whole low 
carb/atkins sort of thing. I just find it fascinating that the old 
pre-insulin diet to keep a diabetic alive was effectively extreme carb 
restriction combined with pretty much extreme calorie restriction as 
well. Some of the published diets are seriously minimal [like something 
on the order of perhaps half a pound a day of solid food, and all the 
plain water you can drink, and for the most part the food was eggs, 
meat, fish, and restricted dairy] and I would imagine people tended to 
die of metabolic issues from malnutrition and deficiency diseases fairly 

I know that when I was dealing with active tumors, I was losing weight 
on 1800 calories a day after decades of relatively stable weight - 
cancer burns off glucose to grow. Dang it, I liked the weight loss but I 
would rather not have the tumors back!

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