[LMB] October 19 Birthday Tixie

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 19 08:43:23 BST 2019

Carol Cooper, we celebrate your birthday today, and hope it’s 
full of wonderful things! Our poet today is a paranoid Vor lady 
who refuses to be named. She is not quite sure about all of the 
changes she’s seen in Barrayar during her decades on the planet. 
But she thinks anything can be fixed with a few pints of maple 
ambrosia and a long retreat in the wilderness. (Oh, the 
scandalous stories I could tell about her wild parties! But she’s right 
over there, so I won’t.) Through a maternal line, she can trace some 
connections to the Vorkosigans, so she tends to romanticize that. 
She’s bought and built a little camping village on the edge of the 
Vashnoi Exclusion Zone, and that’s where we’re headed for today’s 
poetry jam. 


The Baba Yaga’s house on stilts is yours.
A hideaway far from Sultana’s crowd. 
The tears of new reality so blurs
The maple branches. We are not allowed
To use the coms or even postal horse.
Communication is between us few
Who braved the mountains' winding course
To find this little cottage with a view.

The butterbugs fed on the dreadful waste, 
And we find diamonds in our own disgrace. 

(Note: this is based on several Barrayaran Shaxx-style sonnets,
which omit the efef quatrain. Some people say it's the poor
scribing of lazy school children during the Time of Isolation, 
while others blame a paper shortage.) 

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