[LMB] Did they ever re-catch the queen?

Gretchen Wright gretchen.m.wright at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 19:19:15 BST 2019

So I’m following along and re-reading _Flowers_ in Gwynne’s wake, and just
came to this passage:

Even before the design modifications, it had been entirely unjust of Miles
to dub the earlier, original version ‘the vomit bugs’, or, during the
unfortunate time they’d escaped inside Vorkosigan House, ‘those damned
pullulating cockroaches’.

This brings up something I’ve long been curious about; namely, the last we
see of the queen liveried bug in ACC, if I recall correctly, is when she
scuttles across the lobby after her second escape.

I thought I recalled a quote from Miles from one of the post ACC books, of
course I can’t remember which one, that seemed to imply that there was
indeed a population of feral Vorkosigan bugs all over Vorbarr Sultana. But
the above quote argues against it.

Anyone have a better memory than me?


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