Carol Botteron cjbotteron at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 19:51:02 BST 2019

Gwynne:  Btw, when dealing with and diagnosing children, it's a good idea
to add petit mal to the list; many 'daydreaming' children could be ADD, or
they could be having petit mals (I've seen children do that during a
conversation, totally losing the thread while speaking.) Another real
condition that many people see as just a failure of concentration, and lack
of effort by the poor kid.

Carol:  When I was about 10, I was sitting in class.  The next thing I
knew, I was in the stairwell and the teacher was yelling at me for walking
out.  I said I didn't know what had happened.  Even though I had never been
in trouble before, she kept yelling and made me stay after school.  I still
don't know what happened, but it has not happened again (to my knowledge).
I may have some sort of ADD but by now I have learned to cope.

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