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 When one of my daughters was in the upper elementary class at our local Montessori school, the head teacher had petit mal seizures. He'd become nonresponsive and his eyes would look red. This lasted up to several minutes. Neither he nor his wife (also a teacher there) wanted to believe anything was happening other than "concentrating." I urged that he not be allowed to drive kids anywhere. I don't remember where things stood before he had a petit mal while driving his wife. That convinced both of them.
Karen A. Wyle    On Sunday, October 20, 2019, 02:51:32 PM EDT, Carol Botteron <cjbotteron at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Gwynne:  Btw, when dealing with and diagnosing children, it's a good idea
to add petit mal to the list; many 'daydreaming' children could be ADD, or
they could be having petit mals (I've seen children do that during a
conversation, totally losing the thread while speaking.) Another real
condition that many people see as just a failure of concentration, and lack
of effort by the poor kid.

Carol:  When I was about 10, I was sitting in class.  The next thing I
knew, I was in the stairwell and the teacher was yelling at me for walking
out.  I said I didn't know what had happened.  Even though I had never been
in trouble before, she kept yelling and made me stay after school.  I still
don't know what happened, but it has not happened again (to my knowledge).
I may have some sort of ADD but by now I have learned to cope.
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