[LMB] OT: Coffee, was We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

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>I came to coffee-drinking relatively recently; I come from a long
>line of tea-drinkers. Now it's tea in the morning, coffee in the afternoon.
>The problem is, I rarely drink coffee when I'm out, there's just so much truly
>horrendous coffee out there. Tea is safer, they can't really stuff tea up too
>much (although Twinings Irish Breakfast is the best, Earl Grey is fine, the rest
>is acceptable.) But there's some pretty ordinary instant coffee out there,
>and some that's even worse, so unless I see a nice coffee machine lurking in
>the kitchen I just go with tea. Yes, sadly, I've realised I'm a coffee snob.
>Gwynne, if you're ever in the US, stick with coffee. Most places, they bring you a cup of hot water and a teabag. You have to put it in the cup yourself. The water is never close  enough to boiling for the tea to taste good.  As for iced tea, if you get it in the South, the waitress will ask "Sweet or unsweet?" Sweet tea is hypersweet.  Enough to make my teeth ache, & I LIKE sweet things
Me, I detest all hot drinks; mainly from having them forced on me when I 
was young. And I detest the taste of alcohol. I stick to Diet-Coke at 
all times.


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