[LMB] Nice Things About Brooklyn.... now with obBujold

Parish, James jparish at siue.edu
Mon Oct 21 00:08:24 BST 2019

Gretchen Wright wrote:
> I have actually had an Australia related fantasy for some time, in case I
> ever become independently wealthy. I read in the back cover bio of some
> SF/F writer (possibly Jasper Fforde?) that he spends "summers in New York
> City, and summers in Sydney."  I thought that sounds fabulous! I don't
> actually dislike winter, just darkness, so I would probably go south for
> Dec. 1 - Jan. 15 or something like that. Anyone want to home swap with me,
> heh, heh?

When I was a student at the University of Chicago, back in the early 
'80s, one of our professors was from Argentina. He would teach during 
the school year, and fly back home during the (Northern) summer.

That is, he spent winter in Chicago, and winter in Buenos Aires. (I 
suspect BA's winter isn't nearly as rough as Chicago's, but it was still 

Jim Parish

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