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> [snippage  occurs here]

> William again, with very interesting questions:
> Was the original disaster worldwide I’d more local? All we see is the
> North American analog. If there were industrialized cultures elsewhere on
> the planet they would be evident. Also, what about space flight? Though the
> earlier Lords seemed to have pushed further into biology anyone who could
> make the straight roads could have made orbital habitats.
> How long did it take and how unlikely was it to find a way to kill malices?
> Micki: I would say the disaster would either have to be worldwide, or the
> rest of the world
> quarantined North(?) America and made it a no-contact zone. I don't much
> see the
> sense of that. If the Lords concentrated on magic rather than space
> exploration, they
> might not have been much further along with space travel than we are. Or
> maybe the
> magic explosion knocked out all the near-space support.
> We don't have very much to go on . . . .

I do have a mental image of the times, with a complex hierarchy among the
lake sorcerers and an explanation for absence of gods... In some variants
of that image, there was an ongoing war, and one of the first acts of the
blight-mage-king was to wipe out all humans on the other continents.

No reason for my personal theory to be right, but it does have the
advantage that the rest of the world doesn't turn out to be blighted, just

Karen Hunt

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