[LMB] Flowers of Vashnoi.... and so it begins

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Mon Oct 21 05:03:03 BST 2019

On 10/20/2019 6:17 PM, Joel Polowin wrote:
> I certainly have that impression.  Any time I encounter reporting that
> mentions the word "radiation" or "radioactive", that's immediately
> followed by elaborate reassurance when it isn't a real hazard (which
> is almost always the case in such reporting).

I am definitely the outlier on that list - I worked hazmat and in nuke 
plants [as an ASE certified outside mechanic] and have my own dosimetry, 
and actually track my lifetime body burden =) I am [or so I was told] 
the only person who wanted to know how much exposure I was getting 
during my radiation therapy [5400 rad a day, 26 doses] and actually knew 
what my lifetime body burden was [or what it actually is, most people 
have no idea, but I have to calculate it additionally from occupational 
exposure to a daily count because I live on a granite shelf that is 
decomposing granite to clay and radon ... ]

I find it secretly amusing to look at the various hazard warnings for 
various household chemicals and know that [for example] I have stuck my 
hands in a vat of sodium hypochlorite [household bleach] at 13 percent, 
the household bleach in the store maxing out at 5 percent ... or getting 
paint off my hands with reagent grade toluene, or testing the seal on 
cylinder valves using 1,1,1,-trichlor ... and am probably one of the few 
living people currently to have been gassed with phosgene. [I used to 
joke that my job was covertly the US Government Jupiter Acclimation 
Project, my valve shop was located between the chlorine shop, the 
ammonia shop and the acid fill bay.] I have taken a 'smoke' break 
sitting on the catwalk above the spent rod storage pool admiring the 
pretty blue radiation glow in the bottom =)

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