[LMB] OT: Coffee, was We've been discussing gene engineering on people...

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Wed Oct 23 05:27:30 BST 2019

Plunger, dripolator, filter, and Italian Press are common for home. 
Filter and plunger are findable out. Pods are becoming popular for those 
that want the convenience of instant, and can put up with "not quite as 
bad as instant".

Starbucks have closed half their stores in Oz, and are not really trying 
to expand beyond the tourist market, with the exception of their pods 
being sold in supermarkets.



On 21/10/2019 5:55 pm, Sharon Micenko wrote:
> I think you’ve been told something that isn’t quite correct...
>> OTOH I'm told that Australians basically drink either espresso or
>> instant coffee, when it comes to coffee.  And lo!
>> https://time.com/2982636/maps-instant-fresh-coffee/
>> -xx- Damien X-)

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