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Am 01.02.2020 um 19:35 schrieb Tony Zbaraschuk:
> On Fri, January 31, 2020 6:20 pm, Lois Bujold wrote:
>> Actually, I fancy movable type is in the offing in Pen's world.Â
>> Pen has in fact just invented the Betamax version of printing, due to be
>> out-competed pretty quickly.  I hope he collects some royalties first.
> The thing to keep in mind here is that one of the BIG advantages of
> movable type is that you can set up the type, print a signature (8 or
> 12 or 16 pages), and then break up the type to set the next signature.
> Which means you only need a hundred pounds or so of lead/tin to start
> printing.  If you're doing a block a page, then you need either metal
> or wood, and LOTS of it, for EACH book, meaning your printer needs
> to have a handy warehouse AND be very rich to afford all those plates
> and their storage and organization.

exactly ..

another, minor advantage of moveable type is that while the individual 
letters might wear out, the metal itself is almost infinitely recyclable

the wood in a wood cut plate can only be used for heating when worn out 
(and it wears out a lot faster)


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