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Baur baur at chello.at
Sat Feb 1 22:23:16 GMT 2020

Am 01.02.2020 um 22:53 schrieb Eric Oppen:
> I was discussing introducing cheap paper and printing presses in Roman
> times on another list, and came up with this scenario:
> The Emperor Claudius came storming into my shop.  "What are you doing,
> Ericus?"
> "Publishing, Imperious Caesar, sir!  Here!  Take a look at the list of
> stuff I've got!"
> Claudius took the list and started reading down it.  "Hmmm..*.Nights in a
> Parthian Harem*?  *Lustful Ladies of Alexandria?*  *The Private Intimate
> Diary of Cleopatra?*"  He gave me a look.  "This is TRASH!  This is FILTH!
> I produced a huge sack of money, hefting it with a grunt and putting it on
> the table where it made the table groan with the weight.  "This is a gold
> mine!  *Pecunia non olet *is my motto, Caesar!"  I showed him a
> manuscript.  "Here's one I'm working on called *The Adventures of the
> Erotic Etruscans!"*
> Claudius took the manuscript and began reading.  Then he gave me a Look.
> "This is all wrong!  The Etruscan names you have don't make any sense!
> Consider this confiscated---I'll be going over it to make sure you have
> things right!  At least I can read Etruscan!"  He snagged the money.
> "Oh---and thanks for the tax payment!"  As he swept out with his
> Praetorians, I heaved a sigh of relief.  I had twenty more sacks of coins
> just like that one, but they were safely hidden away.  For one manuscript
> I'd been on the verge of rejecting and one sack of gold, I had him off my
> back.




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