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Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 02:29:34 GMT 2020

On 2/1/2020 6:21 PM, Harvey Fishman wrote:
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>> We are trying that funky pasta sauce - 1 28 oz can of san maranzaro 
>> tomatoes [cubed in this case], 5 tb butter and 1 onion halved. Dump 
>> it all in a pot, simmer, breaking the tomatoes up as they simmer, 
>> fish out the onion at the end [we chopped and are leaving it in] and 
>> add pasta. We will see - it smells ok, but I miss the garlic and 
>> herbs smell to be honest.
> Add garlic!!! There is no such thing as too much garlic!
> Harvey 
  I will say, and Rob agrees, it *hits* just right, tomatoey, buttery, 
savory. Honestly, it doesn't need herbs or garlic unless you are 
specifically looking for that flavor profile. FOr something that takes 3 
items we always have on hand, it is fantastic.

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