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yes there actually is such a thing as "too much garlic"....
120 garlic mud chicken might have been okay, but my husband mixed up his
teaspoons and tablespoons when he was measuring out the minced garlic so it
became 360 glove garlic mud chicken.
I couldn't even even eat it. he did and he reeked so bad.

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> >We are trying that funky pasta sauce - 1 28 oz can of san maranzaro
> tomatoes [cubed in this case], 5 tb butter and 1 onion halved. Dump it all
> in a pot, simmer, breaking the tomatoes up as they simmer, fish out the
> onion at the end [we chopped and are leaving it in] and add pasta. We will
> see - it smells ok, but I miss the garlic and herbs smell to be honest.
> Add garlic!!! There is no such thing as too much garlic!
> Harvey
> >
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