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 You Had to ask....

The Cetagandans (the Haut) want to send a medical support package to Miles; so they charter the Dendarii to make the delivery (confirming that they know the Dendarii are Barrayaran assets).
Haut Rian carries the package to Miles; and in orbit around Barrayar she meets with Ekatarine (who she knows). Admiral Quinn is present, and Taura is in a special medical suite for treatment/retirement.  

Ekatarine and Quinn press Rian to examine Taura, hoping she suggest a treatment that will extend her lifespan; Rian can only shrug and say 'Sorry, times up."
Miles comes to the orbital hospital for the treatment, and is with Taura when she passes.
Haut Rian is privately confused at the grief everyone is showing over Taura's death; Servitors die; that's their way..... Ba (which is what she classified Taura as) aren't mourned when they die; you just unbottle a new one.
Miles offers to bury her at V. Surleau; Admiral Quinn decided to have her cremated and interred in a mausoleum station at Beta Colony (which is where most Mercenaries without families are placed, so she can be with so many of her fellow Dendarii.

Miles has a memorial plaque mounted on the little wall around the family cemetery with Taura's name on it; they hold a memorial service for her there. 
Haut Rian departs, making note of the curious behavior these barbarians have....

(I may post this as a story suggestion on Ao3, be looking for it!)

    On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 8:11:10 PM CST, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:  
 My son Brian asked the following:

You know... I'd love to see, or read, a "ladies night" type story from the Vorkosigan series.
Contrive a way Elana, Quin, Tara (if she was still around),  Haut Rian Digtiar, and Ekaterine get stuck together.
But I don’t know how you'd make that happen, unless it all took place in the cetagandan empire

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