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Am 05.02.2020 um 15:50 schrieb WILLIAM A WENRICH:
> The following is from Wikipedia:
> The field of microscopy (optical microscopy) dates back to at least
> the 17th-century. Earlier microscopes, single lens magnifying glasses
> with limited magnification, date at least as far back as the wide
> spread use of lenses in eyeglasses in the 13th century but more
> advanced compound microscopes first appeared in Europe around 1620
> The earliest practitioners of microscopy include Galileo Galilei, who
> found in 1610 that he could close focus his telescope to view small
> objects close up and Cornelis Drebbel, who may have invented the
> compound microscope around 1620 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek developed a
> very high magnification simple microscope in the 1670's and is often
> considered to be the first acknowledged microscopist and
> microbiologist.

because he also published what he did see ..

i think compound micriscipes / relkescopes need also at least a theory
of optics and at least some of the mathematics that go with it

> I don’t believe in “tech levels”. Different societies under different
> conditions develop different tools. However, in spite of a fairly
> mature glass industry, there is no mention of any type of lenses in
> the WGW. No eyeglasses or magnifying glass of any sort. Glassforge
> can produce large quantities of window glass, enough to transport it
> across the half-continent available to them. They make decorative
> glass bowls. I don’t understand why no lenses.

perhaps they still have problems with bubbles in the galss as well as 
getting the glass transparent / colourfree enoughß even a 
non-transparent / coloured glass can be used for windows and bowls



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