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> Which begs the question: how do normal, intelligent people get to be like
> that?
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> > Make no mistake---I'm no liberal nor leftist, but I am also no fan of the
> > Westboro Baptists. But I can't just see them as unmitigated, cackling
> > villains any more.

>From what I saw of that world when I was young:
1. A lot of it is a herd effect - the outside is dangerous/evil (possibly
with real-life experiences that prove it's true), so the group must stick
together against them. They are very good/loving to each other, as a result.
2. Some of it is a lack of personal need to care about those "other" kinds
of people. Nobody they know and care about will openly admit to being like
the others. The rare person who does care/is "other" keeps it well-hidden
because it's strongly discouraged to be such and they know they'll get
thrown out of the group and lose everything they ever had.
3. And of course, the religious text says that's what how it should be. It
says a lot of things, many of which are clearly right and good; this must
be just as right and good, mustn't it?

Karen Hunt

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