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Tue Feb 11 15:54:23 GMT 2020

On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 10:41 AM Margaret <margaret at devere.net> wrote:

> Go to her website -- rosemarykirstein.com -- and you'll find the info
> you need.
> Margaret
Yay, I found some good info!

===copy pasta===

*Yo, those problems you were worried about?  Here’s the solution. **Me:*
*But, I don’t need them solved anymore!  Because it’s a frame,  it’s just
the “frame”  part of a frame story — **S:*
*Solution.  Here. This. **Me:*
*But, but — **S: *
*One solution. For all the problems. **Me:* *But…*
*S:* *Just look at it.*
*Me:* …
*Me:* …
*Me:* *So… ** this secondary character —*
*Yup.  Him. **Me:*
* And everything I thought I knew — **S: **All wrong.*
*Me: *
*Um… **S:*

*This solves the problems. Me: … **S:*
*Say “thank you.” **Me:** Thank you.*

You should always thank your subconscious.  It’s down there working in the
mines, slopping in the sewers, filing things away in big dusty file-card
catalogs in the basement, all for your benefit.  It likes to be appreciated.
Oh wait, that isn't what I was looking for.

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