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You know, a question occurs to me.  The Japanese were always a very cleanly
people; it helped that they had abundant hot springs, and lots of water in
general to bathe in.

What was the rate of death in childbirth or infancy in Tokugawa Japan, and
did it compare favorably with the contemporary West?  The Japanese kept
good records, and I bet someone who could read Japanese could go looking
and find this out.

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> >I've wondered whether Kosher/Halal rules are like this: in a hot country
> >with no refrigeration and no antihelmintics, not eating shellfish or
> >pork makes a lot of sense.
> The rules of Halachic Rules of Kashrut are a ***___LOT___*** more
> complex than shellfish and pork. For instance with beef, first the
> animal must not be diseased.
> Then it must be killed in a ritual way by throatcutting and bleeding to
> death. Next, only the foreportions of the animal may be eaten. It must
> be less than ten days since the slaughter, and all the blood must be
> drawn out with salt (koshering) before it is cooked. I have no idea how
> that is mapped to Halal, other than both methods require the throat
> cutting slaughter.
> Harvey
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