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Am 13.02.2020 um 14:55 schrieb Howard Brazee:
>> On Feb 13, 2020, at 6:23 AM, markus baur <baur at chello.at> wrote:
>>> A news item on the radio about how Chinese factories are having trouble with so many workers in quarantine got me wondering, what do the first factories on a newly colonized  world like Sergyar make?  Maybe process whatever is mined?  How soon do we get factories making equipment for other factories.. Then what?
>> it makes sense to "render down" whatrever is mind into pure materials as this will safe both volume and mass for interstellar transport
> Why?   I would expect “pure” materials will be available everywhere.    It’s the value added which might be hard to duplicate (although I’m not sure about that).

we are posutlating a mature interstellar commerce shiping system ..

a ship supplying a relatively new colony will transport a lot of stuff 
to the colony, but very little back .. worst case it will fly home empty..

this is bad, so the ship oweners will start looking for things they can 
ship back - even if the cargo cannot pay back the whole cost of flying 
back, even a partial payback will be usefull for the bottom line

a new colony will most likley have no finished products that are 
saleable (with the exception of curia and exotics) - otoh it will 
maximize the value of the shipped goods if they are processed to some 
degree (and the colony most likleywill need that processing for it self 
as well ..

one example as victorian age technology thought experiment:

to produce 1 ton of iron you need a bit less 2 tons of high quality iron 
ore and about 1 tons of coke (= 1.5 tons coal) and about 0.5 tons of 
limestone ... it is clear that 1 ton of iron will bring more revenue 
than 4 tons of ore, coal and limestone and thus is a much better use of 
cargo space - plus you get to use the cast iron for your own projects on 
the planet .. while the colony weill not be able to produce finished 
goods (lets say steam locos) for transport back to thehome land, it 
might produce pig iron which is a lot better than an empty cargo hold

so - as a minimum i would expect processed raw materials to be shipped 
back ..



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