[LMB] Tixie on deck!

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 00:39:50 GMT 2020

Today, February 15, the day after one of my least-favorite holidays
(longish story; see my LJ for details) we celebrate the birth in 1974 of
Christian Krause, Aruvqan's junior husband.

Christian, for your birthday you are invited to be a guest aboard the *HIBMS
Prince Serg* as it participates in the annual Fleet Maneuvers.  You will be
treated as an honored guest, and allowed onto the bridge where Emperor
Gregor Vorbarra and his admirals will allow you to observe them in command
as the *Prince Serg* takes part in a simulated space battle.

Afterwards, you will be given a tour of the non-sensitive areas of the
ship, and then you will be an honored guest in the Officer's Mess, with
Emperor Gregor himself presiding at the head of the table.

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