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In Victorian times, according to Kellow Chesney's *The Anti-Society: Inside
the Victorian Underworld*, the middle-class ideal was for an older man to
marry a bride once he could keep her in the style to which she was
accustomed.  They had a horror of "imprudent" marriages, partly due to the
fact that divorce was all but impossible and socially disastrous.  Young
men of limited means tended to stay single...and, every so often, after an
evening at the club, take a purposeful stroll up the Haymarket.  (At that
time, the Haymarket, along with Soho, was a major center of prostitution.
Anybody with money and even a modicum of street-smarts could get anything
he wanted up there.  It was probably more wide-open than Patpong Road, the
Hamburg Reeperbahn or the Amsterdam red-light district.)

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> > There's an Italian phrase, found in Renaissance texts, "the burdens of
> marriage". It helps explain why men married late to younger women.
> I like the theory that the age people marry is the age in which they are
> most likely to produce survivable (optimized?) children.
> The breadwinner has a stable job, while the child bearer has a strong
> body, able to survive several pregnancies.    In many societies, that meant
> the man was significantly older than the woman.
> But those optimized ages change.   Early Miss America contestants were
> much older than late Miss America contestants, as roles change for
> breadwinning and for optimizing children.   Instead of producing lots of
> babies hoping that some survive, we produce fewer babies and give them
> better educations and other expensive advantages.   The age gap narrows as
> both parents are more likely to have income-producing jobs, and women don’t
> wear themselves as much in childbearing.
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