[LMB] Test, and stirring the pot again.

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Mon Feb 24 03:33:33 GMT 2020

Michael >>> It's gotten awfully quiet on the list. 
Katherine >>  [ Are most people ]  
>>busy with other activities on weekends (reading??), or what?
Howard  > Nothing new to say?
Personally I get so triggered by certain topics I have to
retreat to my private quiet happy space until I 
stop quivering. 
Sort of like how Des reacts to the notion of being
taken back to the Dratsub's realm... 
Following up on a notion of last month, from _Orphans
of Raspey_ again,  assume that their late mother was
in fact a saint of the Mother, and that she at the
last minute sold her soul to the Dratsub in exchange
for the promise of safety for her girls. It follows
SHE was not paralyzed with fear of the prospect of eternity 
in the Dratsub's halls. 
But Des - who would seem to hold in a much better 
vantage on the issue - does whimper, curl up, and hide 
at the prospect. 
Anyone want to hypothesize why so?  

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