[LMB] Test, and stirring the pot again.

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On Mon, 24 Feb 2020, pouncer at aol.com wrote:
> Following up on a notion of last month, from _Orphans
> of Raspey_ again,  assume that their late mother was
> in fact a saint of the Mother, and that she at the
> last minute sold her soul to the Dratsub in exchange
> for the promise of safety for her girls. It follows
> SHE was not paralyzed with fear of the prospect of eternity 
> in the Dratsub's halls. 
> But Des - who would seem to hold in a much better 
> vantage on the issue - does whimper, curl up, and hide 
> at the prospect. 
> Anyone want to hypothesize why so?  

Offhand, this sounds like a strongly heretical interpretation. My 
impression was that each of the 5 Gods shepherded souls in *this* world 
and into the afterlife but after that there was no godly divisions in 
heaven. Have I forgotten a reference? I remember a reference somewhere to 
the Bastard's hell but not to his heaven.

Lois? Calling Lois...

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