[LMB] Saints and the Bastard

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon Feb 24 18:13:27 GMT 2020

[LMB] Saints and the Bastard
Doug Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Mon Feb 24 12:29:25 GMT 2020

1.  Maybe souls don’t go to theBastrds Hell.
2. Maybe it’s all one Bastards place,but only demons get desolved.
3. Maybe there’s oneHeaven for all Five, and 1 Hell, for unrepentant 
souls and demons.
4. Maybe there are other Hells we haven’t seen yet.

LMB:  Speaking as the one true god(ess) of this universe: There is one 
afterlife, but it has five departments rather than five compartments.  
There is a Bastard's heaven, where souls who assent are united to Him 
and sustained, same as the other gods.

The truly unrepentent or unwilling are mostly sundered, left in the 
world without their sustaining bodies to slowly fade to nothingness as 
ghosts, as we've seen.

The actual "Bastard's Hell" is a reservoir of pure chaos.  If a soul, or 
a returned demon, gets tossed in there, they are boiled down instantly 
for parts, so so speak; no form, memory, or anything else is retained.  
You could think of it as sundering on fast-forward.  Or the god-editors 
of the afterlife hitting the delete button.  It's also the source from 
which the initial demon-blobs are fed back into the world, q.s. as the 
Bastard's balance requires.  Which is why they all arrive as identical 
bits of pure chaotic existence, and learn themselves as they go and 
grow.  Much like people that way.

Everything else about the Bastard's hell is colorful stories that people 
make up and tell each other because they like to imagine revenge upon 
their enemies.  Also much like our world...

Ta, L.

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