[LMB] Test, and stirring the pot again.

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As I have said previously, I think Desdemona has a soul and I think Penric is responsible. From the beginning, Penric has treated her as a person, giving her a name, listening to her advice, and using her as a mentor.
At least part of this was due to him not being temple trained and her being a very advanced demon.

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> She's not a soul, such as goes to the gods; she's a demon, which is dissolved and becomes less than an elemental when returned to the Bastard's hell.
> Of course, her constituent parts, Ruschia and the others, are already in the Bastard's heaven.  But I suppose, theologically, that wouldn't make any difference to Desdemona herself?  Seems like the Five, working together, even if the Bastard couldn't do it himself, ought to be able to do something about not losing an entity like Desdemona.  If a great-souled person shared their soul with her, could she become ... a person? a god?  something more than a demon?  Probably at the price of becoming mortal, as these things usually go.  But if the prize is eventually gaining the immortality of becoming one with the gods ....
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This would be a good model for being taken up by the deity. Retaining individuality, yet being a part of a greater whole, like being
part of a family, or a citizen of a country.

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