[LMB] (OT) Miss Fisher's cinematic debut!

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It’s on my wish list to see Miss Fisher this weekend. I absolutely agree with you that Lin Chung is a much more appealing love interest, even with half an ear. The TV series is a bit sanitised. Phryne was far more adventurous than portrayed. It’s fun visiting Melbourne and seeing all the locations.

The 1960s version was a bit of a disappointment but again, fabulous for the settings and the costumes.


> On 27 Feb 2020, at 1:57 am, alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca wrote:
> Well, congrats to Kerry Greenwood, and the cast! Glad to see they're doing so well. (I'm still not happy that they removed Lin Chung from the televised/filmed stories, though.)
> Has anyone seen the 1960s update of this series: Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries? I picked up the DVD of Series 1 from my library and watched the first episode - a bit on the "cute" side but lots of energy,
> and I appreciated the number of strong women in the cast.
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