[LMB] Calendars

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sat Feb 29 13:52:43 GMT 2020

In our Earth, the annual calendar was pretty universal.   Lunar calendars were common.   The weekly & monthly calendars came with conquests.   The utility of common calendars and clocks mean everybody has a 24 hour calendar and 7-day week.   (You want me to take the 7th day off?  OK, whatever).

In an interstellar society, I would expect multiple calendars and clocks.   Local days and years are still important for planet bound people.   In space habitats, Earth time may be the standard (GMT?)

A multi-planet empire may have a third standard.

Lois has spaceships adjusting their clocks to their destination planet.   I suppose to the space port time.   I don’t remember any inhabited planets having extremely different day lengths.

I suppose clocks could show two times, similar to the way my car has a speedometer with both kph & mph.

Or three, one to your home planet, one for the planet you’re on, and one for earth standard.

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