[LMB] Thoughts about Tau Verde

Andras Farkas deepbluemistake at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 03:07:03 GMT 2020

I just finished the Young Miles, having read TWA in it a while ago,
then being on a hiatus from fiction (oops) then re-reading Mountains
of Mourning a few days ago and finishing The Vor Game just now.
Man.  Mountains of Mourning and The Vor Game are so gooooood.  I
really enjoyed them.

I have a thought though.  Tau Verde is mentioned as not having the
tech to make jumpships. (notably the Necklin rods)
The easiest answer to that is simply that you need a *big* and
*advanced* economy to afford to make them, but I recently thought of
something else.
What if Tau Verde had their own miniature time of isolation?  Or
something equivalent.  That'd be a very intriguing and fitting answer
to some things about them.  And it makes me think.  While some planets
are clearly quite prosperous (Beta Colony, Escobar) it seems a lot of
planets really are just barely managing it, when taken relative to
those.  I wonder how many planets ended up having ToI-equivalents,
even if for entirely other reasons...  It's quite possible, to perhaps
have the rest of humanity just not have time for *you* and your planet
while they're busy with newly cropped-up local problems, and leave
newly-settled planets alone for a while.


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