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Snuck a little bit of US politics there, huh?

Many years ago (A lot of my reminisces about work start that way now. I’m coming up on 10 years retired.), I was talking with a woman coworker about an article in a computer magazine (I think Byte) about pay for male and female programmers. The average pay for men was about $2000 a year more than for women. The article stated that that was well within the margin of error. She was furious that men were being paid more. This is a very bright and well educated person. She knew what margin of error means. (I’m not putting down anyone on the list, some of you may not have studied statistics. If the difference in pay is less than the margin of error, you can’t tell from the data if there is a difference in pay.)
Sometime later I was in a different job at Sandia and our charter was to look ahead to see what was coming in computing and try to get a handle on future standards. I went to trade shows about once or twice a year. I was surprised that so few women went. At Sandia we were evenly divided between men and women. I asked my manager and she told me that the woman refused the offer. I will not speculate as to why.

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Zan Lynx:
This is nothing to do with some conspiracy to pay women less. It's just that women ALLOW this to happen to them.

Stand UP for yourselves.

--Guess what happens when we do. We're stone cold bitches, we're uppity, we need to be put in our places, we're not team players!

There's a brilliant column called ASK A MANAGER that often covers that little problem. Male workers are straightforward and ambitious. Women are nasty and as I said earlier, bitches, when they behave in the exact same ways.

Example: Hillary Clinton. Kamala Harris who's a 'slut' and 'too ambitious'.

Women get smacked down *no matter what they do*.

Jean Lamb
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