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It wouldn’t have to be a TOI. What if a system was mainly important as a way station for somewhere else?
If Beta Colony hadn’t been already colonized by ramships, would anyone have bothered? Barrayan and Komarr are better planets for colonies than Beta. One has an inedible ecology and the other is too cold and needs more light. There seems to be no way Beta can be terraformed.
I think of it this way, towns tend to be a day’s travel apart. If there’s no other reason for having a town there, it won’t grow.

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I just finished the Young Miles, having read TWA in it a while ago,
then being on a hiatus from fiction (oops) then re-reading Mountains
of Mourning a few days ago and finishing The Vor Game just now.
Man.  Mountains of Mourning and The Vor Game are so gooooood.  I
really enjoyed them.

I have a thought though.  Tau Verde is mentioned as not having the
tech to make jumpships. (notably the Necklin rods)
The easiest answer to that is simply that you need a *big* and
*advanced* economy to afford to make them, but I recently thought of
something else.
What if Tau Verde had their own miniature time of isolation?  Or
something equivalent.  That'd be a very intriguing and fitting answer
to some things about them.  And it makes me think.  While some planets
are clearly quite prosperous (Beta Colony, Escobar) it seems a lot of
planets really are just barely managing it, when taken relative to
those.  I wonder how many planets ended up having ToI-equivalents,
even if for entirely other reasons...  It's quite possible, to perhaps
have the rest of humanity just not have time for *you* and your planet
while they're busy with newly cropped-up local problems, and leave
newly-settled planets alone for a while.

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