[LMB] Thoughts about Tau Verde

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>What if Tau Verde had their own miniature time of isolation? > Orsomething equivalent.  ... it seems a lot ofplanets really >are just barely managing it, when taken relative tothose. 
I really love this speculation.  Thanks. 
Rodeo as depicted in _FF_ seems ripe for collapse, if eitherGalacTech suffers economic reversals, or Earth itself goes intodepression when Beta Colony and the other colonies surpass Earth'seconomic power.  Also, if far-future Earth EVER kicks theaddiction to fossil fuels, in Leo's day oil still being thereason for Rodeo's settlement. 
A change in Earth's status or an economic shift to a new sortof "fuel" resource would be very like the changes in 20th Earth moving away from slavery, or coal, and the collapse ofEmpires structured around those resources.  Often suchcollapses affected our entire world.  I wonder if Tau Verdeetc -- the backwater worlds -- were cut off during "Nexus War One"  a.k.a  "The Great War"  or some such? 
The multi-world Empire thing going on in Miles day seems to suggest to me he and the Nexus are on the far side of a "Nexus War Two".  Lots of little conflicts --  CetagandanWar Three from Barrayar's perspective -- but not yetdrawing in great alliances of the major powers.  On theother hand, the Barrayaran attempt at Escobar throughSergyar drawing in Beta's "Thin Blue Line" seems likethe Betan's were somewhat prepared to stomp out "littlewars" -- having, perhaps, survived a big one? 

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