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>  This is not a conscious bias, but it is a measurable one.
>  (snipping all of a very interesting post)

And this is why people refuse to admit it exists.  No one is doing it on
There's just a round shaped peg trying to reach the star shaped hole, and
WHAM that's not allowed.  Society, the multi body entity with a single
brain, will exert steady pressure until that round peg goes back to its
round hole, or is so pressed and pressured that it implodes.

And to quote another favorite author of the list:
“She reached down and picked a crab out of a bucket. As it came up it
turned out that three more were hanging on to it. "A crab necklace?"
giggled Juliet.
"Oh, that's crabs for you," said Verity, disentangling the ones who had
hitched a ride. "thick as planks, the lot of them. That's why you can keep
them in a bucket without a lid. Any that tries to get out gets pulled back.
yes, as thick as planks.”
― Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

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